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Key staff positions are now being filled for Campaign Manager, Director of Marketing and Volunteer Coordinator. This is a great opportunity to participate directly in a local political campaign like none other. These are volunteer positions. Click here to learn more and to apply. No previous campaign experience necessary. Selected parties will be required to sign a unilateral NDA to protect the confidentiality of sensitive campaign information. Please reside in Santa Cruz County. Thank you.


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Politics as usual? Think again! And Think Different.

November 8, 2022, could well be remembered as the Great Nonpartisan Earthquake that shook Santa Cruz politics to its core--and you want to have a front row seat. We encourage anyone from anywhere to join our movement, if not in the voting booth, then in the spirit of our fight. Register to receive updates on our event schedule, new video notifications, available marketing tools (e.g. yard signs, brochures, flyers, etc.), campaign announcements and a host of other information updates and materials to help you better educate yourself and to support in the promotion of this unique political model.

For those wishing to aid us more directly in our movement, please consider a small donation, or volunteering a small portion of your time, or simply show your support through an endorsement. But, please be sure you register before taking this next step with us.


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Don't miss the political event of a lifetime by not getting into the game. Join our team today.

There is a lot of catching up to do when you are challenging a city leadership that has locked up every single election advantage through the strength and muscle of its national political party affiliation. The Think Different Campaign, a ragtag group of Santa Cruz rebels with a transformative idea of "new government," is challenging a massive political organization that has held onto the keys of local power for decades. This election season is already shaping up into a real David and Goliath saga. A giant, political monopoly of such magnitude will utilize every tool in its arsenal to ensure that its candidates continue the chain of uninterrupted victories, including leveraging its network to limit our access to fair and balanced media, which is why so many of its challengers have failed in the past. This is why we depend on our fellow residents to spread the word.

Campaign volunteers are a critical component of our campaign to help convey our movement in the simplest of terms, while disrupting how the average resident views local government and local politics. Our challenge is to shake up local mindsets by challenging the belief that a representative form of local government based on two-party, division politics is the only democratic model available to them. Communications technology has now made that model vulnerable to a more direct form of governing over ourselves and our communities, and volunteers can be part of this historic shift in how city government is shaped!

Note: We ask that anyone considering becoming a volunteer understand the underlying foundations of the movement by watching the six-part video series, "The Nonpartisan Movement."  We appreciate your future support as a member of our team. Thank you.


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From an unknown entity to a dark horse possibility, our movement has high aspirations--as do the other, lesser-known campaigns and candidates in this race. Help us to stand out from the rest of the pack by telling your fellow residents why you are supporting our movement. All of your voices matter to us!


On August 4, 2022, the candidate was officially certified by the Santa Cruz County elections department for the November ballot. Our campaign committee, "Hyver for City Council 2022," is now gladly accepting your donations.

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The Think Different Campaign

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When Every Little Bit Helps

Building a political fundraising pipeline from scratch in the briefest amount of time is no easy task--which is why we need your financial support today.


Having a stable of volunteers to build awareness of the Think Different Campaign is just one component of spreading the word. Our volunteers become more effective by leveraging costly marketing, advertising and promotional tools that allow them to reach a larger audience and to create and disseminate, in the most timely way possible, the targeted messages we want the public to hear. This is why any donation on your part will act to multiply the reach of our volunteer community.

Simply complete the donation form and make your donation today. Thank you so much for your consideration to help our movement reach out to more voters.



Greg Hyver

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