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 First Amendment Rights Preservation Society, Inc. (FARPS)

Authoritarianism is upon us. Speak out (if you still can) to demand your freedoms back.



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Stop Uighur Genocide

April 26, 2021 - FARPS launches a petition to demand that the top 50 Silicon Valley companies send a joint letter to Congress demanding the closure of Uighur Concentration Camps in China or face significant trade and diplomatic sanctions. FARPS is reaching out on social media to build awareness of this campaign. Go HERE to learn more and sign the petition.

August-2021 - we have been banned by Facebook and NextDoor in the course of two weeks for "violating community guidelines," with no details provided.

FARPS Founder to Run for Santa Cruz City Council D-4

August 12, 2022 - Gregory A Hyver, the Founder and President of FARPS, was certified to be on the November 8, 2022, ballot for Santa Cruz City Council, District 4. Mr. Hyver is running on a platform to establish a semi-autonomous district that operates as a Direct Democracy, using a software policy-engine platform to be funded and developed through a for-profit co-op owned and operated by district residents. To learn more about Mr. Hyver and his platform, click HERE.

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Donate to Our Fight to Protect the 1st Amendment

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Founded in early 2020 by Greg Hyver, the First Amendment Rights Preservation Society, Inc., or FARPS, is a Santa Cruz (CA) nonprofit (501(c)(3)) organization committed to defending the spirit and laws that protect our most sacred right: the right to free speech. We are an organization of patriotic activists who use tools of activism to educate and advocate against those who abuse the freedom of speech rights of the weak and powerless. Our focus is on finding ways to remove speech barriers set up by local, state, national (and international) government entities to enable the oppressed to tell their stories in the public forum without fear of consequences. All donations to FARPS are tax deductible.

FARPS has a broader scope than may first meets the eye. Yet, everything we say and do has a basis of preserving our 1st Amendment rights against those who wish to silence us. Some of our functions may surprise you:

* educating the public

* auditing government and corporate entities

* protesting censorship practices

* re-defining local government

* developing and commercializing software solutions

* giving back to the community

Note: FARPS reserves the rights to all ideas, concepts, visions, product structures, business models, and monetization models for the Direct Democracy Experiment Software Policy Engine (DDESPE).

Check Us Out ...

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Compilation of "Be Afraid ... Be Very Afraid" Media

party loyalists (noun)-
(1) a group of individuals who voluntarily give up their freedoms because they believe that their government would never lie to them; (2) Those who believe in the innate superiority of their ideas; (3) Those who win arguments by censoring their Political opponents

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A frightening peek into how totalitarianism feeds off of mass psychosis, and how it is happening in the United States.

George Orwell and "1984" revisited. As you watch this fine video, think about how the covid "pandemic" is being used by our government. The red flags are clear to those paying attention!!!

individualism v. collectivism

"Every insubordinate person, when he rises up against oppression , reaffirms thereby the solidarity of all men"

Albert Camus
Resistance, Rebellion and Death

public education

Ninety percent of all children who attend K-12 schools go to public schools. Karl Marx once wrote: "The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother's care, shall be in state institutions." Public schools are displacing parents in the education of their children's moral and cultural values, and turning these innocent children into well-conditional vassals of the state.

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