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Democratic Software Solutions LLC, also known as DSS, is a recently formed limited liability company that designs and develops software solutions, better known as E-Democracy voting platforms, which organize, prioritize and channel local community voices into agenda-setting and policy-making recommendations and directives that steer the direction and voting behavior of their representatives. The company's tagline, "Making Democracies More Democratic," is aimed at addressing the rapid decay in our governmental institutions that have been hijacked by the power class composed of  career politicians, multinational corporations and billionaires, operating through our core political parties, for the purpose of circumventing the public will in order to steer policy decisions to their benefit.

The DSS Marketing Team drives interest toward the E-Democracy platform solutions through hands-on management of local political campaigns in Santa Cruz County, California. To learn more about this opportunity, especially if you are considering running for local office and are a first-time candidate, click here.

DSS LLC is a proud member of the E-Democracy Institute of Santa Cruz, a think tank created and managed by the First Amendment Rights Preservation Society Inc.
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