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2024 promises to be a wild election year!
Be Part of it by joining me. How?

Run for any open city council seat in SC County on our platform foundations (see below).
(We will help to manage your campaign)

and / oR

Join my voting block to help elect e-democracy candidates

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Platform Foundations

I. E-Democracy

Government systems are antiquated, slow-moving, opaque and rigged by the power class. Today, we are on the threshold of realizing a new form of local government made possible through advances in technology over the last 20 years. I fuse software, mobile technology, and the world's first, bicameral direct democracy form of government that will allow us to piggyback onto local government processes, infrastructure and resources. In doing so, real decision-making power will be placed back into the hands of the local community and removed from the hands of the political and corporate classes who regularly and surreptitiously distort the public good to benefit themselves, their families and their friends. Welcome to the next phase of a more democratic, more participatory, more convenient, more agile, more targeted, less expensive and less corruptible form of municipal government in the years ahead, thanks to today's technology tools. Welcome to E-Democracy.

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II. character, not color

Racial politics visualizes racial groups as an homogeneous collection of individuals all sharing similar history, values, opinions and struggles. The illusion of homogeneity allows a simple, singular message to strike a cord in the community--that you are a victim--and that you share a common enemy--and that's racism. Group Think deters any questioning of the narrative itself. In reality, racial group members are independent thinkers with a disparity of viewpoints. Our candidates shall refuse to pander to or "bait" any voter segment by appealing to its "victim" status, whether it be race, color, sex , gender, religion, age or national origin, or through a shared trait between the candidate and the voters in relation to a "victim" class. Our candidates shall not use their own race, color, sex, gender, religion, age or national origin to appeal to voters who share a common trait.  Our candidates appeal to voters on their ideas and problem solutions aimed at conditions such as poverty, illness, homelessness, drug addiction, unemployment, persecution, and others. These conditions are color-blind and gender-blind, across all demographics.

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elections & Candidates

Santa Cruz City Council

2024 Election and Candidate(s)

Disclaimer: any political positions or candidate support found here is no way connected to the nonprofit First Amendment Rights Preservation Society Inc.

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