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Carle & Carle Properties is a family-run business that has been renting storage units, studios, apartments, and residences in the City of Santa Cruz for over a half-century. Today, the company has approximately 30 unique properties that it manages and owns, translating to nearly 100 unique rental units. The company takes pride in its value pricing and its tenant support team that addresses each tenant's needs rapidly and effectively.

I have worked for Carle & Carle Properties since February, 2017, as the Property Manager for each of its properties. It has not only been my pleasure working with the Carle's throughout these years, but with our tenant family, as well. As the Carle's have always tried to maintain a low internet profile, doing business the old fashion way since its inception, I have taken it upon myself to provide to you a virtual "meet up point" as a place where you can always visit to see what listings we have available. Our typical advertising platform is on Zillow where you can locate our various listing mixed among among the aggregate of all Santa Cruz rental properties available. Yet, this page condenses each of our listings on a single page for those of you who seek us out due to our reputation for fairness, value and service.

Here are some of are standard protocols for our rental properties:

  • All of our residential properties are subject to AB 1482 which must adhere to California's "Just Cause" Eviction (Civil Code 1946.2) and Rent Control (Civil Code 1947.12) Laws

  • Month-to-month rental agreements

  • First full month rent plus deposit to move in

  • Scheduled viewing appointments

  • Section 8's welcome

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