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Their faces tell their stories. Each story having a different twist. Their only commonality is that another precious life is being poured down the drain of a wasted existence. Is life so cruel as to not acknowledge that every soul can live a fulfilling one, at least to some degree, perhaps among a loving family, sharing tales from their day around the comfort of a warm fire. , it's simply not mean to be in our current existence, and that some lives are meant to be sacrificed as part of some ritual of human existence. The precariousness of life, itself, hinging on a bad decision here or some bad luck there, but always on full display to remind us of it. Could that be me tomorrow? The nameless and the faceless who we pass each day, our hesitancy to look up to acknowledge their condition, our reflex to avoid the avoidable, our curiosity of what it must be like "out there," the expression of relief as "I'm glad it's not me"  passes silently over our lips, our resignation that this simply isn't "fixable."  Others may be less sympathetic: they've chosen this lifestyleget a job!, you should have stayed in school,. serves you right for becoming a drug addict.  I've certainly been one of later in certain phases of my life as position on homelessness has always swayed back and forth, like trees in a windstorm, seemingly unable to make up their minds in the direction they wish to go. While we each reflect, at some point in our life, on our role in this inhumanity, our Meanwhile, the plight of these souls marches on--unabated and without out human Homelessness is not simply a collection of a bad choices that culminate on a hard, cold sidewalk when you go to sleep, but a societal failure caused by the continual decline of our American institutions.

Have you always wanted to do something, but never knew how you could alleviate some of hardship? We offer various ways to support our causes and purposes. Check them out!



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Our future newsletter will contain special interest stories, including our personal interviews with members of the homeless community, profiles on organizations' aiding the homeless community and how they're making a difference, video excerpts of ride-along's and passenger perspectives, benevolent beans of the month, call-outs to key sponsors and differences they have made in helping our organization, public health updates, results of community surveys, and statistical updates tracking the status of the homeless problem at the local, state and national levels.

Periodically, we will issue notifications to subscribers of upcoming calls-to-action. These calls may range from writing to a representative, to attending a protest march to attending a city council meeting in support of, or challenge against, a particular policy position as it might relate to homelessness.


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Help A Bean To Sprout

We look for volunteers to support our cause in various service capacities that include: driving the bean mobile and serving patrons, preparing  consumables, transporting consumables, inventory control and replenishment, vehicle maintenance, Don't miss the political event of a lifetime by not getting into the game. Join our team today.


Join Us On A Ride

Join one of our drivers on a two-hour jaunt around the City of Santa Cruz passing out warm beverages to the homeless community and engaging with members of it.



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                                                  It Takes a Community
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According to the online journal, Lookout Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County has the fourth-largest rate of homeless people in the entire state of California. While elected officials and press frequently cite the high cost of living as its major contributor, we mostly disagree. Most of these individuals deal with mental illnesses and disorders, criminal proclivities and drug addictions that would not lend well to an unsupervised housing solution, even if one was made available. Many of these individuals need much more than a simple housing solution. We challenge our government to accept greater responsibility and assume a greater share of accountability for the persistent nature of this problem. We need to stop blaming housing market conditions in order to construct genuine and lasting solutions.

It takes a community to make an impact on such a persistent and plaguing problem. That's why we strongly encourage you to become a benevolent bean through your donation or partnership. Donors may give to our program in various ways: monetary donations, production equipment donations (e.g. thermoses, coffee-makers, storage containers, etc.), consumable donations (e.g. coffee, tea, sugar, creamer, etc.), professional service donations (e.g. legal,
accounting, tax filing, vehicle maintenance, etc.) or facility-lending donations (e.g. prep kitchen, overnight parking, storage facility, office space). We will send you further instructions about how to make your donation after you submit your request. Partners are institutional entities collaborating with us in joint efforts to aid the homeless community to meet a specific purpose or goal. This could include a promotional program at a local coffee house ("for each coffee purchase, we will donate $0.50 to the Benevolent Bean program), a co-promoted walk-a-thon, or a corporate charitable fund in our name, established by the company's employees. There are many, creative ways to partner with us.

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* logo plac
ement on web page ($2000+ donations)


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