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ACTIVISM (noun) - Stealing a Page from the LEFT's Playbook

Patriots have long been on the losing side of the protest war. Protesting is a cherished tool in the arsenal of Liberals and Progressives to promote social change by disrupting the daily rhythms of our lives. Protests get our attention, then deliver their messages. While protesting is protected by the 1st Amendment, the word "peaceful" is often overlooked.  When a protest not only wants to get its point across to the public, but demands rapid attention to fix a problem, some protests resort to intimidation or violence ("riots") against the public--either submit to the demands of the mob or continue to pay the price. In parallel, there is a complicit, legacy and social media that often ignore and downplay arson, looting, assaults and murders by the "peaceful protestors" of the left when it conveniently fits a certain narrative or goal, while liberal think tanks or political pundits manipulate data and statistics to minimize the effects these protests have on private and public property, small and large businesses, and the psyche of individual citizens when the riots begin chipping away at the public opinion polls. Protesting is just one of several means to bear pressure on entities that suppress the speech of others. Here are some of the many tactics that FARPS has already (or soon will) leveraged to shine light on free speech injustices against patriots and to bring change.

Tactic #1: Peaceful Protest

Peaceful Protest

Big Tech Censorship Against Conservatives (2020)

Gone With The Wind
Censorship Essay

The first, real traces of a structured form of activism that would later evolve into what FARPS is today is the YouTube channel known as UnCoveringBigTechAbuses (UBTA). This informal organization performed what would be known as "one-man protests"--a single person with a sign standing in front of a Silicon Valley headquarters doing Facebook Live Streams while trying to stay one step ahead of corporate security. UBTA went to several Silicon Valley campuses to highlight their abuses: Facebook, Google/YouTube, Apple, Twitter, Netflix and Airbnb. What UBTA did NOT account for in strategizing its protests was that all of these : there shut down due to Covid-19, so instead of greeting employees driving into the parking lot to start they're day with a nice "in your face" protest poster, the exercise became one of speaking to a small virtual audience on Facebook.  Neverthless, the point was made: these techno-tyrants were abusing their own platforms in support of the liberal / progressive agenda--cancelling, demonitizing, freezing, shadowing, harassing and delaying conservatives fair and equal access to their platforms in the spirit of section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. In conjunction with the one-man protests, there where times when we posted personal letters on their marquee signs, addressed to several CEO's, requesting action to cease-and-desist the unfair treatment of conservatives or, in the case of Netflix, maintaining an unvarnished, uncensored release of the film "Gone With the Wind," by adding  warnings to the film that met the approval of the woke mob (see PDF).

Tactic #2: Civil Disobedience

Civil Disobedience

Disrupting Lifestyles in Elite, Progressive Nesting Grounds


What do Progressive elites despise more than anything else while they're paying off politicians and scheming new ways to bring down America? The answer is YOU invading the little bubble that they live in. The video, above, is telling for how mega-wealthy, Silicon Valley elites like to live their lives: in puritanically-clean, quiet, peaceful little communities where they can show off their fancy, new cars and eat their vegan meals in a calm, downtown ambience free from disruptions from those who they sneer at below them. These are the same people who post Black Lives Matter slogans on their corporate websites and have weaponized protest groups and the media to do their bidding for power in the streets. These are the people who decide to manipulate our elections through their platforms. But, what happens when "the streets" comes to them? How would they react if their bubble gets popped? What if they woke up one morning and drove down to get themselves a Latte and before them would be piles of garbage, a few homeless tents, panhandlers in front of their favorite coffee know, our way of giving back to them what they have given to us. Sure, they might move, but who says that would be a bad thing? Or, perhaps, they might come to realize that their fortune to be in the elite class comes with certain rules of privilege that don't always use people for some personal gain. An activist going to jail for a day or two would certainly be worth the video footage and, maybe, they would think twice about selling out America to the highest bidder. Just maybe...

Tactic #3: Stress Testing

Stress Testing

Gauging Community Tolerance and Free Speech Platform Access

CROPPED - survey screen shot.jpg

It is not uncommon for a Patriot to find himself inside a "progressive utopia" in California or other Blue state. There are all too familiar stories that typically involve a person wearing, for example, a "Make America Great Again" hat with several, triggered progressives in the vicinity. Both Liberals and Progressives often use intimidation, embarrassment, threats, cancellations, or physical violence when they see something as they so violently associate with racism, hatred and bigotry, as those four simple words. In cities such as these, where critical race theory indoctrination starts at a very young age, there is no dialogue or debate of problems and solutions--except for their own. In these cities, it's "my way or the highway." They are the overlords of virtue-signaling and, somehow, anything within the realm of possibilities that seems to contradict the basis of their philosophical foundations are tantamount to heresy. They are not interested in your opinion unless you either fit into some particular victimization hierarchy, or you have cleansed yourself through blind obsequiousness and no longer question the wisdom of the teachings. In short, cultures such as these are short on tolerance and long on censorship so, from time to time, it becomes a moral obligation to quantify in some manner how far the culture has actually fallen into the Orwellian nightmare. We measure those around us not only by their words, but by their actions. In this particular stress test, we first survey the community of Santa Cruz, CA, for their attitudes and tolerance (their words) as it relates to a patriotic expression, permanently painted onto their downtown streets. In the second phase of the project, we test whether the local government is intent on rejecting the project simply because it doesn't like the message, or will it comprehend the magnitude of the right to free speech and support the project, even if their constituency is morally opposed to it? Only time will tell.


To learn more about this project, take the survey and / or donate to this project, please stop by the crowdfunding site--LvlUpWorld.

Tactic #4: Social Media - Reporting & Outing

Reporting & Outing

REPORT: "The Deflowering of Apple Under Tim Cook" LinkedIn "Outing"

tim cook original.jpg
apple is evil thumbnail.png

Although most of the focus of Patriot ire has been against the traditional social media companies like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube (Google) and Reddit, sitting quietly in the back of the room lies the darkest threat: Apple, Inc. This conclusion was only drawn after casually preparation for an Apple protest, then connecting some seemingly disparate dots to form a picture of the biggest danger to conservative speech among all of the big tech titans--Apple, Inc. Along with Google, these two companies control what is seen, heard and said on 99% of all mobile devices in the entire world. An Apple iOS is on more phones than Android in the United States, making it the biggest threat to unsuspecting Americans (see PDF). This dangerous duopoly, already accused by many Congressional Republicans of using censorship of conservatives as a political tool, IS the big brother that Apple's famous 1984 Super Bowl commercial chides. Where is George Orwell when you need him?

Recall Petitions

Tactic #5: Recall Petitions

Recall California Governor Gavin Newsom Petition

no to CA illegals.jpg
california homeless.jpg
why leaving california.jpg
recall petition.jpg

Although not initiated by FARPS, the organization assisted in gathering signatures in an attempt to put the ultra-progressive, California governor Newsom out of a job. The is a person who has locked down California for six months (and counting) and has cost millions of Californians their jobs, their businesses, their health and their futures. This includes shutting down churches, synagogues and mosques, which have 1st Amendment rights to assemble, while allowing BLM and Antifa protesters free rein to riot in California's major cities. In the future, FARPS plans to aggressively utilize the recall petition tool to remove local Santa Cruz officials who suppress free speech rights of Patriots who challenge their progressive agenda.

Tactic #6: "Watchdogging" State/Local Government


Santa Cruz Mail-In Ballot Sloppiness Creating Fraudulent Opportunities

shakea hidden name mail-in ballot.jpg

Two mail-in ballots received at addresses where renters had moved (retrieved by property manager)

Mail-in balloting is being used for one purpose, and one purpose only--to fraudulently claim a Presidential election victory by the Democrats. While Dr. Fauci claims that it is safe for Americans to go to the polls in the traditional and more secure way, the Democrats are, once again, pushing a voting method that has shown, on numerous occasions, to be fraught with fraud and corruption, and greatly increases the likelihood that the 2020 presidential election will be in dispute for years to come. With social media heavily clamping down on conservative accounts (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter), almost on queue in October, 2020, with Mark Zuckerberg threatening to silence anyone claiming election night victory (i.e. Donald Trump) while weeks of mail-in ballot (tampering) counting takes place behind the scenes, the stench of election-stealing permeates the air. And with the "Transition Integrity Project, a deep-state vassal created specifically to prelude that Trump will resist leaving the White House, thereby softening up the public when Trump points at mail-in voter fraud, the Democrats are showing that THEY are the abusers of our Consitution and are seeking an unconstitutional power grab in 2020. FARPS holds a duty to protect the 1st Amendment of the Constitution from dangerous elements in the deep-state who own the media and who are slowly preparing Americans for  a horrific confrontation that few see coming. What other form of speech is more powerful than an American citizen's vote? A vote is the best way to speak out against a government or a political party and carries more weight than any protest sign or megaphone. The above photo was taken and distributed on social media by FARPS to demonstrate just one example of the possible abuses of the mail-in ballot strategy--ballots mailed to addresses of renters who have long departed. If this is not a red flag that our Democracy is under attack by deep-state Democrats, then America could be lost forever.


Tactic #7: Strike!!!

2020 Election Voting Fraud "Walk Off" - Pending

Under a tyrannical, illegitimate government that controls every level of law enforcement and media, there is seemingly no hope for the oppressed citizen to regain any vestiges of past freedoms, including their right to speak freely, A powerful, yet-to-be-deployed tactic in the FARPS activism arsenal is a call to wreak economic pain on the country through mass, slowdown or wildcat strikes. This non-violent tool can be used to disrupt the course of economic activity and impede government operations when a "walk off" effects the basic functions of a society such as transportation, manufacturing, shipping and services. Used effectively in the 1970's - 1980's by the Solidarity Movement in Poland via striking Gdansk shipyard workers, the strike spread into other segments of society, shutting down the economy and compelling the Polish government, with high-pressure lobbying by the Soviet Union, to declare martial law in 1981. Although the people of Poland suffered greatly over the next eight years due to the strikes and martial law, the government ultimately relented. On 4 June 1989, the trade union Solidarity won an overwhelming victory in a partially free election in Poland, leading to the peaceful fall of Communism in that country in the summer of 1989.

Final Biden Bumper Sticker.png
Dominion Poster CROPPED.jpg

Tactic #8: Tit-for-Tat

Counter-Censorship on "Fair" Platforms


Certain social media platforms like Nextdoor, although owned by censorship giant Facebook, utilize a system of local, neighborhood moderators who make censorship judgements both from the Nextdoor guidelines, as well as the general tone of the comment sections. When the moderators represent of mix of both sides of the political aisle, post flagging and post removal is less biased and fair. Although FARPS is against the use of censorship as a political weapon leveraged by the left in the MSM and Big Tech corporations, censorship can work in both directions on fair platforms, which could induce both sides to call a truce and to meet somewhere in between (although, in today's political climate, this is unlikely). Patriots who continually have their posts removed ("cancelled") on fair platforms, can read up on the speech policies of the platform in order to flag violators on the left who often freely get away with posts or comments attacking patriots. On Nextdoor, I personally experienced being called "right-wing," told that straight, white males are racists, and asked if my employer knew what project I was working on (hinting that he might call and notify them in order to get me fired). These are common tactics of the left the must be called out to moderators so as these individuals' comments are either removed or they, themselves, have their user accounts removed ("cancelled"). One example of counter-censorship is when a Joe Biden supporter announced a meet up in downtown Santa Cruz in celebration of his election "victory." Various members submitted comments such is "the wicked witch is dead." At this point, one could flag the post and under reasons indicate (a) national politics cannot be discussed on the platform, (b) the comments were uncivil in nature and (c) since the election had not been certified by any state to that point (only the legacy media), that the post was misinformation and required fact checking. These are rationales used by the left to censor patriots, but can be turned around back onto them using the rules of the platform to cancel certain posts. Only then, will some civility be restored on fair social media platforms. For those that are not fair and remain highly politically biased (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), counter-censorship is not a tool that can be deployed effectively.

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