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In Memoriam - this campaign is dedicated to my father, Dr. Gregory August Hyver Sr, who passed away on January 7, 2022 ...

... and Kudos to my mother for always believing in me

All videos shown on this election site can be found on our YouTube channel (set YouTube player to auto-play to watch video sequence). All documents referenced are available to downloaded from our public folder.

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Candidate Statement

Greg Hyver for Santa Cruz City Council, District 4

August 10, 2022

I’ve named my campaign “Think Different” for that is how I live my life. I try to view things from different angles, through broad experiences, by rising above the fray and looking down. Nonpartisanship gives me better clarity of my world—of Santa Cruz—of its challenges and solutions. Our number one problem here isn’t housing, crime, health, drugs, poverty, cost-of-living, jobs, education, traffic, water, energy, or others. It’s our lack of pluralism. Too many voices are being left out of the dialogue. It’s one-sided and static. There is no free market of ideas, so problems fester. Individualism is losing out to Groupthink. Our participation ends at the ballot box where we relinquish our choices to politicians and special interests.


I want to re-empower individuals by transforming local government to give each resident: (1) an equal voice in our district's vision, (2) greater freedom of choice and (3) greater access to the levers of power to shape our district. To do so, I will leverage my strengths in software development, business development, marketing, management, startups, fundraising, education, free speech rights and political history. UC Berkeley (BA, Applied Math); Santa Clara University (MBA). 


Join me on this amazing journey!


Campaign Statement

Greg Hyver for Santa Cruz City Council, District 4

August 10, 2022

“The States Members of the United Nations shall uphold the principle

of self-determination of all peoples and nations.”

UN General Assembly
The right of peoples and nations to self-determination
Charter of the United Nations, Article 1
16 December 1952












The Nonpartisan Movement is a small, Santa Cruz-based watchdog group and think tank with a mission to save Liberalism, an ideology founded on Individualism that has been under siege and distorted for decades. We believe that the Santa Cruz Liberal community has lost its compass in regards to the ultimate purpose of Liberalism: to protect individual rights and freedom of choice from government incursions. Daily, we hand over more power of choice (autonomy) to an over-reaching government to make our choices for us in the name of the Public Good (Collectivism). Individualism (Liberalism) and Collectivism (Government) are the antitheses of one another and in constant tug-of-war over the power of choice. Political parties (Government) are NOT the protectors of Liberalism, by definition (and despite the illusion), but her antagonists. Our movement will propose a solution to these growing encroachments into our individual freedoms of choice in pursuit of restoring greater "power to the people"—a paradigm shift in local government to re-balance the power scale that has long been tilting in government’s favor since the 1960’s.


Protect your property! Protect your business! Protect your privacy! Protect your children! Protect your rights! Protect your freedom of choice! Push back against an over-regulating city hall and intrusive ballot measures through a semi-autonomous  Direct Democracy. From autonomous regions in Spain to direct democracies in Switzerland and Massachusetts, communities from around the world have come to recognize that the top-down, one-size-fits-all political model maps poorly to their distinctive demographics, geographies, politics and value systems. While states were given special rights in the US Constitution to push back against excessive federal encroachments into state affairs, one-of-a-kind communities must be afforded these same rights to push back against overly-intrusive and over-regulating city, county and state governments to preserve their own unique characters. A government "by the people" is designed for adaptability and not for stagnancy. With a stroke of a pen, The City of Santa Cruz changed its governing structure by forming six new districts in 2022. By leveraging advanced communications technology, the time is ripe for district 4's own moment in history.

Carpe diem

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Download the white paper (1-page PDF): "On Resurrecting Liberalism and Individualism"

WATCH THE THREE CORE VIDEOS (Times: 9:30, 2:25, 3.16)

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Thank you for considering me on November 8th, 2022. 

Greg Hyver


the direct democracy candidate

santa cruz, CA

district 4


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