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Can't Stop Now


It seems like the older I become, the more I want to take on in life. Perhaps it is a sense of panic that the years seem to grow shorter with each passing birthday. Or maybe it's that "bucket list" syndrome. Equally conceivably, and a bit more nobly, my primitive instincts may be kicking in to leave some trail of my existence for others to walk on and to remark that it was a life worth living. Although time has slowed me down a notch or two, I have always been an adventurous person who romanticizes of past ages by delving into  a good history book or traveling to that far-away place. Yet, in the end, it is not the ancient ruins that stand the ultimate test of time, but the goodness that we pass on to the world, and that passing of the baton lives on in each new generation of human beings. The world is not an easy place for many of us. But, it is how we persevere through the trying times and what we give back to it that defines our character. Only through our individuality do we discover the reasons for our being, and only by an unfettered path to exercise our individuality through our own choices are we able to live them out. The more we hand over our rights to choose to others to make for us, the more untested we are and the more dehumanized and hollow we remain.


I am now on the threshold of a new phase in my life when I somehow summon the energy and the fortitude to pursue four simultaneous professional roles (real estate agent, property manager, free speech advocate, city council candidate) when many my age are already preparing for their early retirements. I seem to believe that I am a being half my age--with a voracious appetite for new knowledge, new experiences and passionate purposes. These seem to be the best years of my life, when the knowledge and wisdom that I have gained over my existence can now be effectively translated into something worthy of sharing among the more youthful among us who face, in all likelihood, a precarious and challenging road ahead.


I am not a big fan of social media, so I come here, to this website, my private little refuge that still gives me an outward channel to communicate both personally and professionally, to introduce you to who I am. Although I am somewhat modest and rather private, for those of you who wish to learn more about me, consider delving more deeply into this website, or connect with me via LinkedIn at

Find your passions and chase after them!

Greg Hyver

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